About Us

Working in the tech field has long been a dream of our founders. Being able to provide thoughtful, insightful assistance and create spaces of lasting utility and beauty has been a highly motivating factor for our founders. They know full well the power of the web and all that it has to offer people. The power of the web makes it easy to do business in the contemporary world in so many ways. What started as a child passion and a love of computers has become very much a work of love and a way of life for the founders of our company. Passion is what motivated them as children and is what continues to motivate them as adults. This is why they founded the company: to see their passions come to life.

Deciding To Name The Company

Andre Kempe and Peter Visser grew up in Hattem in The Netherlands. Hattem is a small town of only about twelve thousand people. As such, their childhood was one in which they got to know the people in the area and got to know the entire area. It was a very idyllic time in their lives when they were free to explore the world in front of them and free to decide who they wanted to be in life. It was as they grew up that each realized just how special this place had been. In order to honor their roots and to really put the city on the map they decided to name their company The Hattem Map in dutch which is Kaart Hattem. This name helps ground the company and helps make it clear to others exactly the viewpoint that governs our worldview. Our aim at this company is to be at once modern and yet have it clear that we fully intend to honor all that has come before us. We know such a name makes it clear where we have come from. The entire region is one in which excellence in academics and technology is readily apparent to all those who come live on a visit or choose to live here permanently. We are all about both history and the future at the same time.

Our Strong Team

After establishing the company, the next step was to help bring in qualified people to run it. Our initial company was only two people. However, as we began to establish a reputation for excellence, the orders began to flow in. Once it was clear to all our clients that we offered services they could count on at all times, word began to spread. Our ratings soared on social media as people were happy to offer us testimonials we could use to our advantage. In many cases, our clients left us unexpected praise because they were so happy with our work. Under those circumstances, it became clear to us that we had the need to expand. Expanding required many things. We needed to raise capital, attract new clients and find the best possible employees. Fortunately, this task was quickly and easily accomplished. Financing began flowing into our coffers once we were able to demonstrate a strong history of accomplishment.

Finding Employees

Once we had the financing we needed, it was time to expand our team. The financing we received from major banks in the region allowed to be discerning and find exactly the right people for our needs. After searching through various resumes, it was easy to assemble our basic team. The talent base in our region is deep and wide, as this area is one in which people are encouraged to develop their technical talents at an early age. We also put multiple adds in various technological forums. At present, we have about thirty-two members of our team here at our company. We are also always on the lookout for new talents of all kinds. Anyone who is interested in a career at our company should feel free to contact us. We read all cover letters and all resumes. We also keep them on file should the need arise for future employees. At our company, we also fully anticipate expansion as the world of online gaming only continues to expand. Anyone with such skills or just an interest in this subject is more than welcome to apply to our company. All resumes should be addressed to our company via our human resources department and include contact information and a highly detailed CV. We are happy to hire people both locally and internationally as well. We also hire on a full-time basis as well as a freelance basis.