How to develop a casino free spins page

Developing a casino website is very complicated. It needs to be able to load the casino games quickly, as well as the relevant images. In comparison to that, a free spins page might seem like a piece of cake. After all, the only info that is needed is the casino promotions, the terms and conditions, a sign up button and a nice and relevant background picture. As easy as this may sound, it is all but. Since the online casino world is very competitive, you really need to choose your words, images and fonts carefully.

Picking free spins

The first challenge for the casino is to pick the right game for the free spins. Players need to like the game enough to be persuaded by it to sign up at the casino. At the same time, the free spins cannot be too expensive. Casinos have to pay for free spins and some providers are more expensive than others. So it’s a choice the casino has to make between popularity and affordability. Luckily, NetEnt is a very cheap provider when it comes to free spins. It’s also one of the market leaders that always has interesting games on offer.

Casino terms and conditions

Every casino has its own terms and conditions when it comes to free spins. However, most casinos have one thing in common. And that is the fact that there are wagering requirements. These can vary to having to wager the won amount at least 25 times to 55 or even 60 times. With a no deposit bonus this is usually around 55 to 60, after all, the casino will give those out for free without asking anything else in return. The thing is that these terms must be legally visible, but you want to keep them as far away from the player’s eye as possible. Which is not always easy.

Special casino landing page

This free spins page is often a special casino landing page. The thing about these landing pages is that they need to be, what the anchor that got them there promises. At least if the casino wants to get any of the link juice. So if the anchor that links to your free spins landing page says Klik hier voor free spins, which means click here for free spins, you need to offer them at that landing page. Not only that, you also need to offer a form to sign up at the casino immediately at this page. Otherwise the player needs to take another step, which might lead him to believe that he’s at the wrong place. This will have the opposite effect of what a casino has in mind.

Appropriate images

Something that can also not be neglected is the value of the graphics. First of all, the quality needs to be perfect. But is also helps to be original, without ever forgetting to make it relevant to the slot machines the free spins are for. A good example would be if a casino is called Cookie Casino and offers free spins, the background image could be of Gonzo eating the cookies that are in the style of the casino. This makes the offer seems more exclusive and also more interesting to players.